Hi Nico, Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and Belinda for welcoming us into your home and for hosting us at the fantastic Pasta Making Passion experience last Friday.

The team had an absolute ball, and we are all still talking about how delicious all the pasta was, (don’t even get us started on the tiramisu!). We truly enjoyed it. Thanks again...Juliana

Nico and Belinda,

Brilliant creative cuisine evening. Nico you were wonderful making the evening a gourmet delight and you yourself seemingly effortlessly accomplishing various dishes all at different stages of competition with the greatest of ease, a culinary ballet with a touch of panache and Belinda keeping the essential cleaning up etc unseen behind the scenes. Dishes sparkling clean and joining in the culinary conversation along the way. A great team. Such an easy going and jovial couple.  

The Gourmet Vegetarian Passion food selection from many and varied world cuisines was an unexpected surprise and a delight of aromatic herbs and spices with a touch or more of chilli thrown in. A very unique slant of introducing a vegetarian cooking option. Loved the whole experience in your beautiful home. Liked your make-shift outdoor pantry. Sort of a European villagey touch. Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative evening and to my friend Sylvia for asking me to come alongNada

G’day Nico, I’ve made a few recipes from the Wanderlust book.

First attempt was from the Italian section:
  • Aperol Spritz Aperitivo – well received
  • Nonna Stella’s Southern Italian Ragu & Pasta al Forno – demolished & already on the cards to make to take away for Fraser next month – great recipe to feed a large group.
  • Crostata di Ricotta – even hubby who’s not a fan of cultured dairy ate this.
  • Later that week my husband made the Spaghetti alla Carbonara – another thumbs up.
Then from the Sri Lankan section for my Dad who loves all things curry:
  • Godhamba Roti  – my  husband said at the start after the first one which I didn’t get thin enough, This is the last time we try making roti. If these don’t work, we’re buying them. Thankfully they worked & we’ll be making these again LOL
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry – magnificent was hubby’s response which is the highest rating he’s given of my recipes
  • Tempered Green Beans with Coconut – nice & easy
  • Pol Sambal – again nice & easy
  • We were fortunate to have visited Sri Lanka and were gifted a coconut shredder device to make fresh grated coconut. I used 1/2 a coconut so I imagine I’ll be making more Sri Lankan dishes. Probably the Red Lentil Dahl as I’ve got red lentils in the pantry. And when I get round to finding pumpkin preserve, I’ll attempt the Love Cake.
Wanted to send a message to say Thank You for producing this cookbook!
I made all these recipes first time for guests (they were forewarned that they were guinea pigs) and it’s so lovely when it works and tastes fabulous. So Thank You.
Thank you,

Hey Nico, hope you and Belinda have settled back in the west after your time away?! 

I just wanted to let you know that I regularly make your Mushroom Ragu and Risotto Fungi e Spinaci from the Italian Chapter of your “Wanderlust” Cookbook.

I’ve never been a fan of a thermo risotto, however, you have changed my mind! It really is easy and bloody delicious

Much love, Sue xxx

Hi Nico, My wife and I went to your Mexican Passion cooking class last Thursday reluctantly at first, as this was a gift from our daughter for our 50th wedding anniversary !!

Novel I thought, after all the years spent cooking and feeding her!!!! Maybe she was subtly trying to make a point !!

However, what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality and the wonderful food you prepared. Believe it or not, if possible it was even better for breakfast !!

Once again, thank you so much…Robert and Carolyn

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say a big thank you for Sri Lankan experience (Sri Lankan Thermomix Passion) on Friday. We all loved the food and the way you presented it. Are you going to produce another Cooking Passions book based on using the TM6 which is the one I have? Kind regards…Clive 

Hi Nico and Belinda, I just wanted to once again say a huge thank you for Friday night (Thai Grill Passion). Every single one of my friends has individually reached out and said what an awesome event it was!! Chris even got stuck into preparing the Beef Short Rib recipe last night!!!! Thanks again…Til next time…Claire

Hi Nico, I just wanted to thank you for a fascinating and very entertaining evening at your Indian Passion class. I’m pretty much a meat-eater and I did not expect to enjoy the Vegetable Dhal or the Cabbage, Carrot and Green Bean Thoran but they were fantastic. You’ve re-inspired me to go back to cooking from the fundamentals! Thanks…Colin

Hi Nico, Really enjoyed the “Food Truck Passion” class on Saturday, thanks – great fun and easy. Sometimes even older, experienced cooks need new ideas and motivation. I have recommended you to my friend and she has booked a Pasta Making class and the French Bistro class that I am doing in April…Cheers, Laura 

Good Evening, Nico and Belinda, I can’t thank you enough for last nights cooking experience (“Dressed to Grill Passion”) with you, it was fantastic. I just loved all the food you chose to cook and make it look so easy. I look forward to another cooking lesson very soon. Please send me information regarding the Tasmania Trip you have planned late in the year. I loved your beautiful home…thankyou for a wonderful night! Kind regards…Joan & Jim

Hi Nico, Thank you so much for another wonderful night of yummy food! I must apologise also, I had forgotten to send over our dietary requirements including Tess being a vegan… good job we had chosen more of a vegetarian/vegan cuisine (Sri Lankan Curry Passion) and you were amazing considering you were thrown in the deep end with that! So thank you very much! Looking forward to our next class already! Kind regards…Amy

Hi Belinda and Nico, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful “Dressed to Grill Passion”. We hosted Christmas for our family yesterday and I cooked the Thai prawns and Sri Lankan fish parcels as well as two salads from your cookbook. All family and guests were enormously impressed and it was delicious!  Thank you so much for sharing your product and supplier recommendations and delicious recipes. Was a wonderful Christmas! Hope you both had a lovely Christmas too…Pia 

Dear Nico, Thanks for the Pasta Making Passion course on Friday night. My mother and I really enjoyed it. I have also made good use of the recipes. We had fettuccine with the tomato sauce on Saturday night, then went over to my father in law’s place tonight and I cooked the gnocchi and took along the tiramisu. All of them worked a treat. I am now looking forward to making the ravioli. I had made it before as I have both your cook books, but now that I know how to make the Dough, and know how to use pasta machine, I think I will do it much better next time.Thanks again and looking forward to next course. Regards…Stephen

Dear Nico & Belinda, Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night’s Tapas Passion cooking class.Terry & I loved the food and really enjoyed our time at your home. We will be back for another session. Thanks once again…Kim & Terry

Hello Nico, Thank you for the Food Truck Passion class.  I had brought my friend Tracey along being for her birthday present and we had a fantastic night. Apart from the amazing food and company we learnt a lot. I went to work on Thursday and spread the word how amazing your classes are.  Thanks again and will be looking out for more classes. Kind regards…Paula

Hi ya Nico, Had to tell you, I tried this salad (Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Spiced Grapefruit) for my parents who love Brussel sprouts.  I don’t like Brussel sprouts, grapefruit or too much star anise yet this was one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten!! Haha, just goes to show we should try everything!! Hope you and Belinda are well and your world is under control! Take care…Kind regards, Carrie

Dear Nico, I want to thank you and Belinda for providing us the opportunity to celebrate Peter’s birthday in such a fun and interesting way. Everybody had a fantastic time and the food was delicious! I found the menu from the previous class we attended (must have been 12 tears ago!) and prepared one of the dishes from the cookbook (the Roasted Cauliflower with Pomegranate) for Pete’s special birthday dinner last night. Terrific recipe and I’ll be doing plenty more in coming weeks. We won’t leave it for 12 years to see you again! With very best wishes to you both…Sue

“I attended Nico Moretti’s “Thermomix Sri Lanka Cooking Experience” (at Thermomix’s Balcatta premises) and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Nico is lovely, so entertaining without being over the top. I learnt so much and yesterday made the Sri Lankan Chicken Curry, Red Lentil Tarka Dahl and Mint & Spiced Yoghurt. I also started the Roti and tonight have cooked the potato filling for the Roti. Hopefully I’ll get those done and in the freezer for another time. I also made the Sri Lankan Curry Powder (doubled it) and gave half to my son who was returning to his job in Vietnam. My dishes where quite a bit hotter than Nico’s, although my green chillies were huge and where the recipe stated 1-2, of course went for two. Fab night!”…Sue

Hi Nico and Belinda, Thank you so much for such an amazing evening the other night at our Greek Meze cooking class. I have already made everything that we learnt on the night, all of which have turned out deliciously. The little insider tips have been invaluable! I just wanted to re-iterate that when you get around to introducing the Arabic themed night I have a swag of friends enthusiastic about attending along with dad and my husband. We may even organise a private class! Eagerly awaiting its announcement. Best…Arabella

Hi Nico, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the two cooking classes I have attended – the French Bistro and Asian Grill. The setting is so relaxed and enjoyable, we sometimes forget there are others in the group.  Hopefully we haven’t been too disruptive. Your classes have made me try recipes I have never tried before, using ingredients I have never used As you know we did a progressive dinner using your French Bistro menu and we intend to do the same with the Asian Grill. I made the Massaman spice rub using some of my neighbours chillies and lemongrass and shared the rub with them.  My family loved it with the lamb cutlets.  I have some of the rub left over which I plan on trying with chicken thighs tonight.  I have also made your Pasta con Broccoli, twice.  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about pasta and broccoli together but it was delicious. I look forward to our next class and trying more of your recipes. Thanks once again…Leslie

Hi Nico, Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our “Greek Experience” (Greek Meze Passion) last week. The whole night was a delight- ambience, company, your effortless way of explaining things , and making everyone feel relaxed – and the food ! We’ll look forward to doing it again.Many thanks…Anne & Michael 

Hi Nico, We really enjoyed the class (Asian Grill BBQ Passion). I am trying the Twice Cooked Ribs today. My house smells fantastic!

Hi Nico and Belinda, Many thanks for a really enjoyable evening. I had been hoping to use my voucher for a Thermomix class but it just never fit in with my availability. I was thrilled that on most occasions, Nico, you either used the Thermi or referred to how we could use it in various elements of the recipes. An absolute win-win for me. Furthermore, the food was amazing, loved the relaxed atmosphere and was totally inspired by your house and the living areas / kitchen you have created. I really felt so welcome. Thanks again for a fabulous evening. I really hope to be back. Kind regards, Natalie

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say that I have tried a couple of the recipes from the 2 cookbooks since receiving them a few weeks ago – Saffron Risotto. Teriyaki Tuna Kebabs, Lemongrass Chili Chicken, Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad, Mediterranean Spice Rub Pork, Vietnamese Beef just to name a few – and have not had one bad result or response from the family! Regardless of whether the recipes are difficult or time consuming they are very easy to follow, and end up looking like the pictures in the cookbooks! I am really happy with them, and not just for the Thermomix options either. I have a number of cookbooks from your contemporaries and believe me, the number of disasters from these outweigh the success stories by a rather large margin. With the Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad I ended up baking some pumpkin and sweet potato with it and turned it into a warm salad and had it with the Mediterranean Pork and it was great! I was really sorry to have missed out on your session here in Canberra (at Jerrabomberra) last month but by the time I had checked with a friend to see if she wanted to go it was all booked out! Hopefully you will make the trip out east again soon! Warmest regards…Anne

Hi Nico, Had to rebuy the first book as one of said Thermomix friends stole my cookbook and ran away to Canberra with it (it was signed and everything ha ha) Cheeky!! Looking to come along to more classes this year also. Keep up the good work! Kind regards…Claire

Hi Nico, Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Indian cooking night, also your cook books are great, I’ve made the curry sauce and the sate chicken from the book was amazing. I’ve also thrown the rice cooker out…Can’t wait to cook some more of your creations. Much appreciated…Lee
Hi Nico, I hosted a dinner party for my hubby’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and decided Greek Meze all the way. Sublime is how one friend described your amazing recipes. The orange and filo pie was amazing (and so, so easy). Well, I have to say I surprised myself. Friends were so impressed with how perfect my haloumi filo cigars were wrapped (easy when you know how!). I’m just waiting on my girlfriends to get back to me so we can lock in another cooking passions date. Cheers…Cathy
Hi Nico, We really enjoyed the evening, so many thanks. The Sri Lankan Fish Curry was one of the nicest flavoured meals I’ve had in a long time, and so simple.. The panacotta at the end was also beautiful. Will no doubt see you again in the future. With thanks…David
Dear Nico, Thank you for welcoming us into your home on Tuesday night. What a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable experience it was.  It exceeded all my expectations.  I cannot wait to try your recipes and implement your techniques.  I will most definitely be back! Cheers…Cathy
Hello Nico and Belinda, Thank you for a brilliant evening and an inspiring class.  i have come away with inspiration!  I will see you again, intending to come again for more, and already have passed on info about Cooking Passions cooking school to a young work colleague.   Again, thank you!…Jane

Hi Nico, After leaving your home and class, and as we stood around in the car park, there were loads of very positive comments about the cooking experience. Thanks for making it such a great night for all of us. Apart from me, no one had any idea of what to expect. Hoping we can gather again to enjoy another evening of your cooking passion and yummy food. Kind regards…Helen

Hi Belinda, I just wanted to let you know that my books arrived today. I was a little hesitant about buying a book online that I hadn’t seen before but WOW!! I’m already in love and the recipes included are exactly the type of thing I was hoping for. Maybe I won’t give them away as gifts after all! Thanks heaps…Jacinta

Hi Belinda and Nico, Thank you so much for the wonderful foodie experience we enjoyed last night. Your class was absolutely inspiring and I can not wait to cook all of the dishes, particularly the Sri Lankan Fish Curry Parcels and the Bourbon ribs. Your cookbooks have moved again to the top of the “cookbook porn” pile on the bedside table. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful festive season with your family. Kind regards and I hope to meet you again…Marie-Claire


Good Morning Nico, What a brilliant evening , and I have never eaten such a beatiful Fish curry , and I only hope I can master this in my own kitchen. Again thank you for such a wonderful evening. Cheers…Peter

Hi, I really enjoyed the cooking class and have been trying the recipes at home, with good results. I was a bit apprehensive going on my own but needn’t have been as everyone was easy going and friendly and we were absorbed in your great ideas and food!!! Thanks again for a great night and follow up! Kind regards… Jenny

Thank you Nico for having us and hosting such a lovely class and party for my Mum’s 60th. She absolutely loved it. We really appreciate your energy and patience with us all, you handle it all so well when you are probably exhausted at the end of the day. A special thanks to Belinda for doing our dishes and looking after us after such a long shift. I hope to see you again soon. Thank you…Jane

– Rather lovely to get a beautiful meal cooked for you, under your nose, and see how it was done rather than be in a restaurant and everything just magically show up on your plate!
– I really enjoyed the class. I loved the format and the choice of food was great too.
– I have attended a number of similar cooking classes by other providers and would suggest that this was one of the better if not best. The recipes, ingredients and the supporting notes are comprehensive (including stockists). The kitchen space ideal for a relatively decent number of people (have had to stand or sit in rows previously) so that everyone can see what is being done and interact.
– We thought this was an awesome event, would love to attend another if offered in future.
– Great relaxed style, good location & venue – divine food & of course, perfect company.
– Both Steve and I really enjoyed the Dress to Grill cooking class. Nico was really personable, the setting was great and the food delicious. Pairing it with some nice wine just made for a perfect and relaxed Saturday. The cookbooks were an unexpected and welcome gift.
– Great location, very informative, nice atmosphere and awesome food! Also – I’ve used a recipe from the free cookbook to make my lunches for the week
Woodside Social

Hi Nico, A big thank you to you and Belinda for a great night at Urban Provider last Wednesday night to celebrate my “big” birthday. All my guests and I loved the Nico’s Favourites Passions class and watching you work wonders in such a friendly atmosphere. We all enjoyed the tasty treats served up to us and shall endeavour to recreate some of the tasty dishes featured in your colourful cookbook. Thank you once again-enjoy your travels…Heather

Hi Nico and Belinda, Your Greek Meze Class was WONDERFUL and we both really enjoyed it all. It was a “lively” evening and I think Nico you are AMAZING to do what you do. Yours sincerely…Judy

Nico, Thank you very much, I’ve enjoyed coming to your classes. I like the way you “structure” your lessons. I have been to two so far and have had fun at both. You make everybody feel so welcome, the atmosphere in your home is always friendly and relaxing and everything, even the washing up (your daughter and wife), is done with a smile ! Your recipes are detailed, easy to follow and the fact that you do almost everything in front of us, step by step, is fantastic. I also appreciate the fact that the ingredients you use are easy to get and not too “foreign”. I have left enthused, motivated and more knowledgeable each time. Thank you again…Cathy

Hi Nico, Thank you for a very enjoyable, informative and tasty cooking class. My husband commented that it was a highlight of his two weeks in Australia. We have been practising the recipes, with success, and we are looking into the addition of a Thermomix in our kitchen! All the best for future cooking classes. We will definitely consider another one on our next trip to Perth. Kind regards and happy cooking…Elizabeth and Gary

Dear Nico and Belinda, Thank you for opening your home and sharing your cooking experiences with us. My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I’ve already attempted a couple of the recipes that were devoured by the family. I gave the semi-freddo a try with coconut cream after letting it solidify in the fridge and draining off the water. Success! It’s the closest thing to ice cream that my son and I have had since becoming dairy free. I truly admire your bravery and success in transforming your career and doing something you love. Something to inspire us all. I look forward to another lesson. Just have to decide which one! Thanks again…Sonia

What a fabulous night! Nico & Belinda you are 2 gorgeous people and it was a privilege for me to enjoy myself so much in your stunning home.  Not to mention finally getting my hands on a pasta machine and then enjoying the delicious results.  Bravo Nonna Stella! Congratulations on making everything seem so effortless – you have a winning formula no doubt refined over many years of hard work and experience. I’ll be back for more!. Ciao, Erika

Hello Nico, The great cooking presentation you gave to my group on Friday was fantastic. The atmosphere in the bus going back was very chatty, happy, very impressed and wanting to do more courses. You won them over. Thank you so very much, and also for making room for another 2. Many thanks, Lesley

Many thanks Nico, It was a great class and a nice way to spend an evening with two of my lovely friends enjoying your inspiration and delicious food. Vicky

It was an absolute delight and a pleasure to be at your class last night. I came away with great recipes and some very helpful tips. On top of that it was was well planned, very relaxed and friendly, and a fabulous venue to be in. I will definitely return and I am already sharing how good the experience was and what a great way to spend two and a half hours.
Regards, Jane

Nico (& David), Thank you for a fantastic evening of superb food and laughs along the way at your Special Event – Chinese Passion. Rebecca and I really enjoyed the experience and learnt alot. Hats off to you guys. Regards, Natasha

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say thank you again from the three of us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience on Wednesday evening. We have all practiced at least 1 of the recipes with great success and plan to use the others in the near future. Thank you again! Regards, Lisa

Hi Nico, We thoroughly enjoyed the Tapas Passion evening. I lived for a while in the south west of France – within striking distance of San Sebastian – and I just loved the food. And all the little rituals, like the ham hanging up and the special razor sharp knives they use to cut those wafer thin slices. Also the “caramelisation” thing where you think it looks burnt but it is a whisker before that and the flavour is amazing. I noticed last night you captured that with your chicken paella…. allowing it to just catch on the bottom… YUM! I also really liked the way that you simplified the recipes, to capture those quintessential Spanish flavour elements, yet making it so easy for us to achieve. I think you must have a teeny bit of French somewhere in your blood as they are always thinking about the next meal – even before they have finished what they are eating – and it is such an integral part of day to day life. Your recipes certainly reflect that and I will definitely be using them all myself. THANK YOU!...Susan

Hi Nico and Belinda, Thank you very much for a wonderful tapas class. Just loved it and will be experimenting with those recipes. Was so full, and also thank you Belinda for the takeaway for Peter he really enjoyed the paella. boy! he is going to have high expectation now hope I can do it as nice. Will be back again in August with my daughter so see you then. Regards, Dianne

Many Thanks Nico & Belinda for hosting a great evening of “Gourmet Vegetarian Passion“, absolutely delicious & even the “Passionfruit Creme Brulee” – as I don’t usually partake in desserts!! Wow, already enjoying the “Cooking Passions – Delicious Journeys” Cookbook as much as the previous one “Food For Friends” & both are really fabulous! Was great to see you both again and safe & happy travels on your upcoming cooking tours…Susan

Many thanks for a most enjoyable evening of cooking, not to mention eating!! It was a great experience and we thought your ease in demonstrating was amazing. We look forward to another such evening in the future. Kind regards, Jenn & Alex

Nico & David, Just thought you may like to know that the word filtering back from the group is that your foodie demonstration yesterday was the best we have ever had @ our group meetings. This is a huge compliment to you both as this club has been going for 20 years, and six years in its present format and we have at least one of this type of food experience for our four terms per year. I was thrilled! Congratulations to you both, and my sincere thanks. Regards, Anita

Hi Nico, I just wanted to give you some feedback on a recipe of yours I cooked for friends. When I served them the Peruvian Prawn Causa (from your Christmas Passions class) everyone was so impressed and one guest said it was one of those meals you just never want to finish!!! I couldn’t confit the duck as duck maryland is not easy to find in KL however breast is very easy to find, I did the same recipe but just pan fried the duck and it was fantastic. Thanks again for sending through the recipes.Regards, Lisa

Hi Nico What a great evening at your class! I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and relaxing company. Daniel will definitely want to experience this.You have inspired me to try your recipes.Thank you! Claire

Hi Nico, I have just been browsing through the cook books my friend so kindly purchased. What beautiful images and I am looking forward to creating many of the recipes. They look yumyumyum! We are going to have a dinner re-creating last night’s menu and hopefully we can do it justice! Will let you know how it goes! I will certainly be back- it can become my default birthday present!!! Hopefully I will be joining you on one of your overseas cooking sprees in the future! Geraldine

Dear Nico,Thoroughly enjoyed your Tapas Passion and three of your recipes have already appeared on our table three times!! The chicken, the garlic prawns and the rocket salad. We will be with you again in July and then we must make some other dates.Yours, Judy

It was a great night with excellent food and I will certainly be “road testing’ some of the recipes soon. Thanks for a great experience. Jenette

Hi Nico & Belinda, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class you ran on Friday. It is the first one of your courses I have attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Have cooked several of your recipes since class to great applause from my family and now have a renewed energy for cooking (and for my Thermomix). Will be booking in for some more. Kind regards, Sara

Nico, Thank you so much for a wonderful cooking lesson last night. To learn in such a relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to recreate at home!…Kathy

Hi Nico, I just wanted to say thank you for the great cooking class last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and thought the whole event was professional yet relaxed and well organised. The dishes were amazing without being too difficult. Can’t wait to try them out on my family. Many thanks again and warm regards,Lesley

Hi Nico, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a lovely evening for us on Monday night. I have had a long few weeks at work and it was such a relaxing way to spend an evening. The setting was lovely and your knowledge of food and different sorts of cuisine was amazing! My friend is hoping to get a voucher for her partner as she was also blown away by it also. Thank you again and I hope to attend another cooking class very soon! Keep up the good work! Kindest regards,Laura

Hello Nico, A quick “thank-you” for a lovely evening last night. Learnt so much and the food was fantastic! Even inspired Steve, who, apart from the BBQ, is not the best in the kitchen. Definitely putting your name out there for those people who are looking for something just a bit different, or that special gift for someone.Thanks again. Loved it. Cheers, Peta

Hi Nico,We really enjoyed our cooking class last night. The food was delicious and your demo was very well done.The little tips you gave were great! I will remember and use them. Have already recommended your classes to friends.I will be back for another one in the future.Thanks very much, Sandy

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your recipes at your “Nico’s Favourites Passion” cooking class last Wednesday. I made the Pad Thai at the weekend and it went down a treat. Tonight I made the Asian style snapper. It was fantastic and resulted in three empty plates. Looking forward to doing more cooking classes in the future. Regards, Vicki

Dear Nico, The class helped inspire me and came at a good time with some clear days to enjoy the cooking  I have managed to reproduce all the recipes with the exception of the dessert not quite as polished, but good enough to enjoy  thank you. Ciao, Jill

Hi Nico, I just wanted to email you to thank you and Belinda for an inspirational evening last night. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I was so delighted that you are self taught. As you know when you go to cooking classes, it makes it real when you are seeing someone who is a really great communicator and truly accomplished at cooking, all in one package. Kind regards, Lucy

Hello Nico and Belinda, I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the experience today  wonderful food with delightful company and good conversation. I look forward to trying some recipes in your book which you kindly autographed for me. Hopefully, I will be able to join one of your tours in the next year or so. With best wishes, Rhona

Hi Nico, Just wanted to thank you for a very informative and delicious session last night. I think we almost licked our plates clean, on occasion, especially with the Banana Tarte Tatin! Look forward to enjoying future classes with you! Kind Regards, Rhonda

Dear Nico, Thank you for the wonderful class last evening. My friend and I enjoyed it immensely. The Sri Lankan Fish Curry was a mutual favourite and Im sure will become one of my go to recipes when friends come over. The snapper was cooked to perfection. Its lovely to spend the evening with like minded people, we exchanged contact information with a number of people we hadn’t met before and hope to catch up with them again. I’m sure its not the last class we will attend. Kind Regards, Carol

We completed the Gourmet BBQ Passion lesson. We are average bbq cooks and one of the delights of this course is that it has given us the confidence to try more expansive recipes in bbq cooking. The ingredients were of the highest quality and Nico explained clearly how these ingredients should be cooked, to make an amazing meal from entree to dessert. Thanks to Nico and his wife for a very enjoyable and friendly evening and we look forward to participating in his other courses. Paul

Hi, I enjoyed the evening immensely and will be back for another one of your classes. Lots of tips learnt and enjoyed the company of some delightful people. Peter

The cooking class with Nico was a very warm and unique experience. We thought we would be having tastings but to eat a fabulous four course meal all cooked by Nico was absolutely the best. To see the preparation techniques and then get to try the food is very inspiring and makes you want to go home and try the dishes yourself. A wonderful evening and highly recommended. Michael

Nico’s cooking school is a great experience! His passion and approach is very inspirational. We will definitely we trying more classes. Glenn

This was an excellent evening out. Nico was a charming and talented host, the company was good, the teaching was clear and relevant, and the food was excellent. I would heartily recommend it to anyone. Brian

Thai Cooking Passion Class – what a wonderful occasion. A relaxed and comfortable evening of fantastic cooking and eating, and an incredible learning experience in a truly gorgeous home with great people. Yes, will certainly go to another class. Regards, Eve

It was awesome, loved every minute! The Food, atmosphere and the company! Susan

My husband and I enjoyed the cooking class and would highly recommend it to whoever would like a great night out with fantastic food cooked right in front of you. Helen

Had a great time! Nico was a wonderful host and I learnt a few tricks while enjoying some great food. Adam

Just a great, fun evening, with an excellent host! Venue terrific too – have told many friends about it. Will definitely do it again. Anne

We attended a tapas cooking class which was so much fun. The company was great and the experience was very different from our usual outings. Nico is a perfect host – knowledgeable, entertaining and helpful. We have already recommended his classes to others and will definitely return for a different class. Angela

Nico and his wife open their house to hold these cooking experiences so the atmosphere is very relaxed. The recipes are easy but very tasty, rice paper rolls, prawn parcels, tagine of chicken and more. We will definitely be making these at home and would consider going to another of his cooking courses. Bill & Val

Would highly recommend Nico’s class. His style and presentation, and of course the food was outstanding. Julia

It was such a fantastic evening. I would definitely recommend this cooking class to others. We enjoyed a glass of red in beautiful surroundings and learned how to make some amazing dishes, which we were able to enjoy on the evening. Melanie

What a lovely way to spend an evening – enjoying sensational food in a relaxed, friendly and intimate environment. Nico’s passion for food was infectious, and I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. I am now recommending this experience to my friends and work colleagues. Lynley

It was great, a really relaxed friendly atmosphere, Nico was very charismatic and cooked beautiful food. It was making me drool while we watched, learned and smelt the food being prepared!! Have already recommended it to friends! Thanks, we had a great time. Jo

Nico was a fantastic host and very easy to be in the company of! He welcomed questions and answered them in the way that everyone could understand! Definitely a worthwhile experience and I will definitely be trying out the recipes at home! Thanks Nico! Jessica

Hi Nico, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the “Tuscan Passion” Special Event last night. Sergio and Stefano were fabulous chefs and I learned a lot from them. The food was delicious and you were an excellent host. I am very impressed at how well organised you are and that you offer such a friendly and fun environment. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I received a gift voucher to this class for my birthday and it was a night to remember! I’m telling all my friends and hope to make a group booking soon. Cheers – well done! Anne

Hello Nico, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I love your cookbook “Food for Friends”. Last night, we had a dinner party and I cooked your White Chocolate Pannacotta….. YUM!! Instant hit!I can’t wait to try so many of the other recipes – they look so delicious. The Thermomix conversions are so helpful as well. Well done to you. Congratulations on a fantastic cookbook and I can’t wait for Book No.2 .Thanks again, Fiona

Hello Nico, Thanks for a wonderful and informative yet casual evening on Thursday night. Your demonstration illustrated the simplicity of Balinese cooking while still combining plenty of flavour. I found the explanation of each of the ingredients to be the most beneficial. Also the recipes and notes supplied are of great value for future reference. I am most appreciative of the generous gift of your cook book. It is a beautiful reference to some great recipes which at first glance seem easy to replicate. I am looking forward to using this and I am sure the class notes provided throughout will be of much value. I really enjoyed the evening.Regards, Clinton

Hey Nico,I had a wonderful time at Villa Fabbroni, such a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the cooking classes, Sergio and Stefano were gorgeous. They were so sweet and it was lovely to get to know them. I loved their philosophy about not wasting anything and just using what you have in the pantry. It makes perfect sense. The sight seeing days were excellent too. Linda, in particular was fabulous and I really enjoyed both Florence and Lucca with her. Using a bus for the going out days was such a good idea. Also the accommodation was excellent, very comfortable and convenient. All in all, a fabulous time. Would love to do another one with you in the future. If you go to Spain anytime or maybe France another time.Cheers, Margie (Tuscan Villa Tour)

Hi Nico, I bought some cooking classes for my husband a while back (and I came to one myself) and I also bought him your “Food for Friends” recipe book. I’ve recently been making several of the dishes from your book (Dale has commented that I seem to be working my way through it), and I just wanted to say that they’re all working really well (except for burning my first batch of dragon sauce)! Thanks very much, Gemma

Nico, I just thought I would let you know I received your cookbook as a birthday gift from my girlfriends recently. We had previously attended one of your evening BBQ classes last year.My 19 year old son has now cooked for us ( never mind that it was my birthday book) a meal and 2 of your sweets much to the delight of our family.It is a pleasure just to sit and flick through the book but even a bigger delight to think that it has been of good use. Many of my cook books dont get opened often as they dont seem to draw me to them like your does. I would say this is the same for my son as when I say its his night to cook he goes straight to your book to look up and try a new recipe.Well done! Regards, Kaylene

Thanks again for another great class, Nico. You’ve inspired us to have another dinner party.Emmeline & Colin

Hi Nico, I just wanted to thank you for some excellent instruction. Dan and I are now in the UK and last week cooked for my family part of your French Bistro menu. We made the Beef with Cafe de Paris butter and the garlic sauteed potatoes followed by the souffles, which rose perfectly. We couldn’t get our hands on passionfruit syrup and instead substituted with guava which was delicious. When we first arrived in the UK we were suggesting heaps of options for Christmas dinner (from what was learned in the “Fast & Festive Christmas Passion” class) other than your usual roast. The family turned their noses up, but after they had your food they all changed their minds and granted us the honour of cooking on the special day with the freedom to choose our own menu!!! Thanks again.Harri and Dan

Hi Nico, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learnt some interesting recipes to try at home. I really enjoy Thai food. Your presentation is very easy to watch and understand. I come to these classes to learn about new ideas and also the social interaction, which is always very enjoyable. Thank you!Gayl

Thank you so very much for a fantastic evening of cooking, eating & drinking! I found everything easy to follow, learnt some good tips and found you very approachable for any questions we may have had. The meal was superb and I cant wait to try it at my next dinner party. I will highly recommend your classes to other people and would love to do another one myself in the near future. Your home is lovely and has a very welcoming and relaxing feeling. Thanks again and also thank Belinda for letting us into your home to participate in the Cooking Passions experience.Jannine

MARGARET RIVER TUSCANY COOKING WEEKEND – Hi Nico, I just want to thank you for a fantastic weekend at Redgate Beach Escape and the great Tuscan pasta cooking class & Brunch. We had one of the best weekends ever. It was really well organized and the balance between own time and class time was perfect. Sergio and Stefano were excellent chefs and we learnt so much. We will ALWAYS buy good quality olive oil and NEVER soak our Tiramisu biscuits in the coffee mixture ever again ! You have obviously put a lot of effort into this event to make it run so smoothly and we are inspired to join you on an overseas trip one day. Thanks again…Bene

Hi Nico, I hope you are well. I have been to about 4 different cooking schools in Perth other than yours in the last few years, and none of them come even close to your cooking classes. In terms of presentation, format, entertainment and education, your classes are second to none. It is no wonder you are booked so long in advance. Hopefully Ill get a chance to do another class with you in the future…Chris

Dear Nico, I thought I would give you feedback about my Asian Cooking Class recently. I tried the Thai Chicken Curry with your mixed spice recipe and cooked the basmati the way you showed the class, last weekend on my husband. He was VERY impressed with the Curry dish. My husband couldnt believe how authentic and tasty the dish was. I will come back for another class, probably later in the year. Thanks again… BTW: Have you any of the cookbooks left as I should have purchased one at the class and now my husband said If the other recipes are this great, get a book!’Eileen

Thank you for last Thursday night’s class. I really liked the way you removed the ‘smoke and mirrors’ from cooking Thai food. It was a great atmosphere, beautiful food and lovely people. I also liked the relaxed way everything is covered, and that you take into consideration dietary requirements. We would like to come again to another class in the future.Margie & Rik

My wife and I came to Nicos Favourites Passion food class on Wednesday and this is a quick thank you for the enjoyable evening we had in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed the explanations on how to cook the dishes you presented and with a little more practice I will be cooking all the dishes with a lot more confidence and flavour. I have already recommended your classes to my friends and hope that they will soon book some classes as well.Sebastian

Just thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed the cooking experience last night. I have already been out this morning and bought the ingredients for the roast lamb dinner and the frozen Mojito cheesecake to make for my kids when they come over on Monday night. If they are lucky they may get a fish entree! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the food and the wonderful setting. I shall definitely be booking another experience in the near future and have already let a few of my friends know all about it and I think we shall have some takers. Anyway, just thought I would say Thank You and it was a very pleasant few hours spent eating delicious food, not having to cook it and NOT HAVING TO DO THE DISHES!Angie

TUSCANY VILLA COOKING TOUR – Just a quick email to say what a wonderful time Bob & I had at the Villa. Just the right balance of cooking, eating, and time to explore. I cant recommend it highly enough and have told lots of people already. I know how much effort goes into something appearing to be effortless so thank you again for a wonderful experience. Look forward to catching up as a group soon.Marion

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night’s class – its certainly better watching rather than reading and definitely nice having someone cook for me for a change. Looking forward to trying it out on my parents tonight and also my friend and I plan on having a joint Gourmet BBQ for our friends next month. Hope to see you again on the Moroccan Passions course.Natasha

Just a quick note…. after doing your ‘Favourites’ class last week, you have re-enthused my passion for cooking and entertaining. I have been rather slack of late, but now feel totally inspired to get cooking for my friends from your fabulous book. I have studied it from cover to cover and just love it, this weekend alone I have made the red emperor, banana tart tatin, ceasar salad and the spring roll mix in a bowl (i used the same filling and made them up as rice paper rolls). I also hit the asian grocery store to stock up!! My family are loving it – all thanks to you.Nerida

Thank you both so much for a wonderful evening last night, it couldn’t have been better. We all managed to keep the suprise from Doreen and the atmosphere and ambience of the whole evening was perfect. Your passion for food was evident and everything you cooked for us was a delight, even the experts amongst us learnt some new tricks. Thanks again for making it so perfect and I’m sure you’ll be seeing us again in the not-too-distant future!Steve

I am responding to this email just to let you know how delighted I am with your cook book. I am usually the kind of person who will buy a cook book, look at it and not feel terribly inspired to try the recipes. However, with your book, I have made so many dishes from it. They are so easy, and fuss free. I have invited people over for dinner and used your recipes. I usually panic and don’t feel too confident in what I produce but with your book, I had no problems working out what I would make and the panic factor was not there. Most items could be prepared in advance and I actually enjoyed the preparation as well as the end results. I have received lots of positive comments about how lovely the meals have been. Thank you, I have been inspired. Please contact me when you have a new cook book in print because I want to buy it.Barbara

DISCOVER PUGLIA ITALY TOUR – Ciao Nico, Great to hear you are back safely! I am catching up with Eileen and Yvonne for dinner on Thursday night to swap photos and stories. John and I had an absolute ball on the trip and have been singing your praises all over town. You may have some starters here for the Tuscany trip! Couldn’t fault anything. Amazing food, wine, scenery and a really good group of people. We likened going with you like going with a friend who has done the trip and knows the language. None of the ridgity of a bus tour but with a trip with some structure and much needed guidance. Loved the independence of the car, coming together with the group and the non stop suggestions from you as to possible ‘treks’. Nico you did a fantasic job and we loved your company. Looking forward to catching up as soon as everyone is able. Favourite day was the trip to Otranto and to the point. Best meal. The first one in Orsara di Puglia with Alfredo and Lucia.Jenny

DISCOVER PUGLIA ITALY TOUR – Welcome back Nico!!! Hope you have recovered or recovering from your tiresome trip. Your patience and constant cheerfulness was really essential for the entire operation. I cant imagine the amount of accommodation you have to put up with all our requests and the unexpected bout of illnesses that sprung. Hope you werent too crooked to celebrate your parents anniversary. All my friends, including myself of course, had a really great time in your company and all in the group. It was just wonderful to be amongst of strangers-turn-friends in such a short time. We thoroughly enjoyed the fun and free spirited company in the group. Its definitely an experience which I would recommend to all my acquaintances! Jen and I have been exchanging emails since our return and were already talking / planning a reunion at her house. It will be great for all of us to bring our albums and exchange some photos. Were really looking forward to that! Grazie Mille!!! Arriverderci!Eileen

DISCOVER PUGLIA ITALY TOUR – Buon Giorno Nico, A sincerely HUGE thank you for organising such a spectacular trip to Puglia. I absolutely loved it from start to finish. I have had plenty of friends show a lot of interest in joining you on a future trip to Italy, following my rave reviews. Puglia is indeed a fascinating place and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the region. You were a terrific host as usual Nico (you’ve certainly found your calling)- there was a perfect balance between doing things together as a group and having plenty of autonomy to go off an explore individually. Above all, we had heaps of fun! As an aside, I have to say how much I enjoyed Margaret and Libby’s company. They added so much to the dynamic of the group and I really got something out of befriending both of them, so thanks for the introduction. Thanks again Nico for a superb trip – ciao!Mandy

Thank you so much for a fabulous cooking demonstration / meal, last Friday. Emily and I enjoyed it immensely and yes I have already treated the family to the tortilla espagnola (had to use silver beet instead of English spinach), Rocket/Pear/Parmesan salad (added chopped walnuts) and Apple Tarte Tatin (sprinkled fresh mint over the top after cooking  unfortunately dont think I quite nailed the caramel  not toffee enough, but fabulously easy to make!! Needless to say the Family was very impressed  Thank You!Jennie

Thank you for being a wonderful host and making the night an experience I havent stopped raving about to my work colleagues and friends. You will definitely see me back and on more than just once. I already have captured much interest and we just need to co-ordinate a suitable time. Once we have decided on our chosen Passion and time I shall be in touch. Thank you again!Jeannette

Thanks for the great time and recipes on Wednesday night… the gang loved it! We all made plans to bring in enough ingredients to make the fantastic desert at the office (the next day). So, yesterday we set up the BBQ and hot-plate and got stuck into it. There were dubious claims of “that’s how brown it was when he said to stop heating it…”, “his didn’t look so clear and watery on the edges…”, etc… anyway, we went with a “mango” theme (fresh mango’s cut & sliced). The pastry laid down… and off to the BBQ… it all worked out brilliantly. The end result was looking all good… flipped over and voila! Awesome… added the vanilla icecream and we all got stuck into a great afternoon’s indulgence. Thanks heaps for the great instructions, and the laid-back feel to the whole class. Anyway, back to work today…Mark

TUSCANY VILLA COOKING TOUR  – We would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for organising a wonderful cooking experience to Tuscany. The venue and accommodation was fantastic and so fitting for an old region like Tuscany. Our two host chefs were out of this world. They come with a wealth of experience and were totally unselfish in sharing that experience with all of us. The 8 days was well organised, relaxing and inspiring. We had the time of our lives and it was a very memorable big 50th birthday present for me! We came home and got right into it – made meat sauce, tomato sauce as well as homemade pasta. Please extend our thanks to Belinda as well. I would highly recommend one of your trips to my friends. Not sure if Spain is in the budget next year but if we can we will do something similar again.Trish & Geoff

TUSCANY VILLA COOKING TOUR – Nico. Back at work now myself – hard to come back to earth. Andalusia sounds fantastic! Glad to hear you and Belinda had a good time. Many thanks for organising the Tuscan tour and for making me feel part of the group. It was a very memorable experience. I can’t think of anything to suggest about improvement of the Tuscany tour – except perhaps to explain those little cardboard clocks on the windscreen of the hire-car! Also, having a GPS was a great help. Look forward to the reunion lunch – thanks for that.Shaun

TUSCANY VILLA COOKING TOUR – Hi Nico, I was just thinking last night I must send you an e-mail thanking you for organizing our very wonderful time spent with you, Belinda, the in-laws, Sergio, Stefano and especially Rauol. Really enjoyed the cooking classes and have already made a few dishes. Must admit feeling quite flat on my return to Perth. The location of Villa Fabbroni was truly magical. Penny and I had a great time visiting the historical towns. Will see if I can twist my husbands arm to do the Spanish trip.Julie

TUSCANY VILLA COOKING TOUR – Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful experience I had in San Polo with you and your group. As a complete stranger, from a different continent, I felt included and welcome in every way. I sit and laugh about not being seen as the 5th wheel and also about convincing me to do the walk down to the bottom of the hill for coffee (even if it was just once) and feeling lucky that I didnt attempt Cardiac Hill. I did manage to smuggle in all the food products I bought from there, and Thomas and the kids have already enjoyed consuming quite a bit of this. I would definitely consider another cooking tour with you again, so please keep me in mind. I have a few friends who are also now very, very keen.Julie

Thanks for a great evening, it was so nice to learn how to do those dishes, enjoy the tasty beautiful food and not have to wash up (thanks to your lovely wife).Austin

Just a line to say how much we enjoyed your Passions evening. The recipes have been a great hit with the family and I appreciate how quick and easy they are to whip up. All the best…Lou and Miriam

Can you believe it? I made a Caesar salad for 20 for a family function on Saturday night. The whole family nearly died of shock! First thing I’ve ever done. Thanks again, I had a great time.Mike

We all had a fabulous time on Thursday, thank you. The class was so interesting and entertaining and all the recipes delicious. We tried out the Tiger Prawns and the Smashed Potatoes on Sat night for some friends and they were very successful! And so easy to do which was great. We are both keen to do the BBQ class now. I will definitely be recommending your classes to other friends and family and I’ll look forward to coming to another class sometime soon.Sarah T

TUSCAN SPECIAL EVENT CLASS – Buon giorno, Thank you Nico for bringing Tuscany to me, I absolutely loved the cooking class with Stefano and Sergio. We cooked so many dishes, learnt so much and ate till I thought I would burst! I pity those people who missed out on the experience. Tell the boys I would love to visit their restaurant in Tuscany and would recommend it to any of my family and friends who are travelling to Italy…Sarah F

TUSCAN SPECIAL EVENT CLASS – Thank you for having my mum and I on Tuesday night, we absolutely loved it and Sergio and Stefano were just wonderful. My mum said it was the best birthday present ever!! I’m just sorry that my tummy wasn’t big enough to eat everything on my plate, but it was all divine and I’m really looking forward to making some pasta and having a go at my own little tuscan passion! Thank you again, I will definitely be coming again, and hope that Sergio and Stefano come back sometime for another class!Sian

TUSCAN SPECIAL EVENT CLASS – Thank you for organising last night it was sensational. I wish you luck for the next 2 sessions. It was such a lovely experience to have a slice of Italy in our “quiet Perth town”. The guys were terrific – although it all happened so quickly I managed to learn so many cooking tips. I have told at least 20 people how great the night was and have given them all your web address so I am sure that has taken a few more hits today. Thanks again to you and Belinda for the opportunity to be part of your culinary sensations.Trudi

TUSCAN SPECIAL EVENT CLASS – Buongiorno a voi, come pure… Have just finished telling the ‘girls’ in the office that I absolutely loved the class. Oh my gosh, Sergio and Stefano were just delightful, could have listened to them all night. I thought the cooking demonstration was fabulous, some great tips and I am going to completely overhaul the ol’ spag bol from now on!! Loved it Nico, as usual a great evening. Thanks so much e un grande grazie a Sergio e Stefano!”Jo

Congratulations on your new cookbook “Food For Friends”! It is a beautiful book. The recipes, as always, are precise and easy to understand and the prepared dishes really do look as good as the photos. Now it is a question of what I am going to cook next – Italian, Spanish or maybe Moroccan?…Judith

I’ve been meaning to drop you a quick email for a few months to let you know after attending my second Cooking Passions class I had enough confidence to hold my first dinner party and it was a complete success. My guests kept raving about the food so thank you for providing the guidance and great recipes!…Yvonne

I recently attended one of your “Dressed to Grill” BBQ Passions classes (July). I’ve been successfully preparing ‘fish parcels’ ever since! Many, MANY thanks for giving me the confidence to serve fish at dinner parties (oh so easy and succulent!). It has been a hit!…Hazel

My mum and I had the best time last night! Thanks a million – the class was excellent. The food was amazing and we can’t wait to replicate the dishes. We’ll definitely be coming to more and maybe even the Bali or Italy trip next year. Thanks again.Claire and Carole

Thank you so much for another enjoyable cooking class. Your classes are great – combining informative and interesting with a real comfortable homey feeling…Lorna

Thanks again for a great class last night, we enjoyed it very much. The Indian class was a perfect one for winter, and the flavours and aromas were amazing. I have been to another class with someone else in the past and the professionalism doesn’t compare to yours and that of “Urban Provider”. We look forward to coming to another class soon…Natasha

I would just like to say that your Italian Food and Wine night was absolutely fabulous. I frequently visit Margaret River to fill my wine rack, but the wine supplied at your class was so much better than anything I have tasted at Margaret River. Also the food was better than anything I’ve tasted at restaurants and I was surprised at how easy it was for you to cook. Soon I will attempt to cook this myself. Your class was so good that I would happily recommend it to anyone and I will definitely be coming to another class soon…Desiree

Wow, what a night! I have been raving about it all day, telling who ever will listen. I’ve passed your business card on to several others and have already asked a couple of friends if they would be interested in a night at your place. The food was wonderful, the whole package was sensational. Thank you Nico, you deserve every success! Looking forward to another magnificent night at ‘Urban Provider’…Jenny

Just wanted to let you know the family have been enjoying some wonderful BBQs on Sunday, cooked by Richard. The potatoes especially are addictive (I’m sure not so good for the waist). Congratulations – after 26 years of marriage, I’ve finally been able to sit and enjoy a meal I haven’t cooked. I still get the job of shopping for it though. I’m wondering what Richard will like to tackle next, as he is genuinely enjoying the results of his efforts – and the compliments. Lilian

Just like to say thank you for a wonderful night last Thursday. We all had a great time especially Michelle; we gave her the gift voucher for her birthday. I thought your class was terrific and being a small group we all got to meet on another and join in. The food was delicious and very easy to follow recipes. You made it a very relaxing evening, it definitely is on the must do again list… Thanks again! Chris

A bunch of ‘life experienced’ women from work, and their partners, went down to Margaret River on 29th and 30th July to enjoy a ‘Margaret River Cooking Passions’ weekend that had been recommended by another source. I have to tell you that the extent of our experience was that one member of our team (12 in total) had experienced your cooking extravaganza in Leederville and found it to be a great night… some of us were very skeptical! It is at that point that we want to thank you wholeheartedly. The venue, being the Redgate Beach Escape, Margaret River, was a backdrop to die for; the cooking team who were great entertaining company; and the Spanish Cuisine and wines were a pleasure within themselves. You created an ambiance that will be difficult to match! To paint the picture, sitting with the ocean as a backdrop, candlelit delectable Spanish dinners, fantastic company and great wines. Your team created a comfortable environment that should be congratulated. You not only simplified the learning experience with your hassle free and easy to follow instructions for cooking recipes. You also created the meal of a lifetime that we can easily adapt to all our busy lifestyles. You created a weekend for the team that we won’t forget in a long time! It was a complete get away package! Well done, and I can promise that the general consensus from ‘the team’ is that we will all be participating in future dinners with Nico’s cooking passions crew again. It was a very personable experience that we all wish to do again, which says a lot when it comes from very life experienced people who bloody hate cooking! Thanks Nico and your team – Sorry, but we’ll be back! Kind regards, 29 and 30th July 2006… Julie and Charlie; Marina and Darren; Jae; Rhonda and Peter; Sherril; Mary and Paul; Audrey and Geoff Julie