2024 “Discover Basque Spain” – Food, Wine & Michelin Stars Experience

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8 Days / 7 Nights
Thu 10 October 2024 to Thu 17 October 2024

€4,880 per person  (Double or Twin Occupancy)
€6,830 per person (Own Room)

* Please contact us to be placed on our 2024 September Waitlist should any places become available.

Booking Deadline: 01 February 2024

*ALL INCLUSIVE LAND CONTENT including 7 nights Luxury Accommodations; Included meals as per itinerary including Michelin-starred dining experiences; Basque Food & Wine Experiences; All Land Transportation, All Private Guided Tours and Private Group Escort

Cooking Passions “Small Group” Cuisine & Culture Journeys
Cooking Passions Cuisine & Culture Journeys have been designed so that you can make the most of your precious time, as we have done all of the “behind the scenes” research to personally hand-pick out the finest luxury hotels, local transfers, restaurants, spas, excursions and other hidden gems, so you don’t have too. 
Each of our bespoke tours are curated so you can do as much or as little as you like, while allowing you plenty of free time to explore and immerse yourselves in the sights, shopping, relaxation and eating that YOU want to experience (we’ll be happy to provide suggestions and tips on some of our favourites from our previous trips). So all you have to do is book your preferred flight, pack a bag & a sense of adventure, and join us for an unforgettable and luxurious Basque Cuisine & Culture experience!!

“Discover Basque Spain – Food, Wine & Michelin Stars Experience”

From one of the world’s finest gastronomic destinations – the “cult of good eating”  of San Sebastián; to the architectural masterpieces of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and his other architectural marvel “The City of Wine” in the medieval village of Elciego in Basque Spain’s famous La Rioja Wine Region; to wine tasting in La Rioja’s most beautiful villages including Laguardia and Haro and their historic and acclaimed Spanish wineries – Nico and Belinda have curated this special journey of Basque Food, Wine & Michelin inspired encounters where the importance of food & socialising is the backbone of its unique Basque culture!
Join them as they share with you the secrets and delights of one of Europe’s most beautiful and delicious food & wine regions – The Basque Country of Northern Spain – including:

Spain’s Basque Country


Euskadi, País Vasco, the Basque Country; few places in Europe are quite as mysterious as this little region in Northern Spain.
It is an enticing blend of tradition and modernity. Culturally closer to the French Basque Country than the rest of Spain, its language is unrelated to any other. Bilbao is a delightful little city with the distinctive Guggenheim; San Sebastián sits on a beautiful bay; and its Rioja Wine Regionis regarded by many as Spain’s top wine region and is certainly the most famous.
The ancient language, Euskera, has nothing in common with any other European language, and rather than the flamboyant arts of flamenco and bullfighting, the small region of Basque Spain, with its famous culinary reputation punches above its weight globally as the “Gastronomy Capital of Europe” sparkling under the most Michelin stars per capita than any other city in the world.
Join us on this special exploration of one of Europe’s most unique destinations!

San Sebastián (Basque Country)

Ayuntamiento Beach 600x450

Set on the golden crescent-shaped of La Concha Beach in the Basque Country of Northern Spain is the enchanting seaside beach resort of San Sebastián (Donostia in the Basque language) – one of Spain’s “most beautiful” towns.
Long before there ever existed a “Costa Brava” or “Costa del Sol”, wealthy Spaniards followed in the footsteps of Queen Maria Cristina who, in 1886, chose this charming seaside town for the Royal Court of Spain to spend its summers, making it all the rage of it’s time.

With its elegant & refined “Belle Epoque” resort feel, San Sebastián is synonymous with quality of life – some of the world’s greatest eating experiences combined with a relaxed beach & surf culture on the glistening shores of the Bay of Biscay.

Culinary Capital of Culture

Recognised as the Culinary Capital of Spain, San Sebastián is the only city in the world that sparkles under more Michelin stars per capita, and the only city in Spain with more restaurants, bars and taverns per square kilometre than any other.

Ambiente de calle en el casco viejo donostiarra Modelos con plano

San Sebastián is the cooking epicentre of Basque gastronomy with good eating an important part of Basque culture. It has an almost reverential respect to organic seasonal products and only the best raw materials are used by restaurants and famed Michelin-awarded chefs of San Sebastian’s “New Basque Cuisine” revolution.

Pintxos (Basque Tapas)

One of the distinquishing marks of Basque gastronomy, pintxos (“pinchos”) is the classic “miniature cuisine” which has experienced unparalleled sophistication in the last few years, with more and more complex creations presented in bars across San Sebastian’s Parte Vieja (Old Town).
San Sebastian is the world capital of pintxos, and it even has it’s own tradition which the locals carry on called txikiteo – bar crawls through the public houses of the Parte Vieja, each offering their own pintxos speciality. Washed down with the Basque country’s fine, young regional wine, txakoli, or a spicy red from the nearby Rioja wine region, you continue until you are suitably full, keep a tab of what you have eaten, then settle up with the bar staff before moving on to the next establishment.

New Basque Cuisine & Michelin Stars

Influenced by the nouvelle cuisine of France in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Basque chefs created the nouvelle cuisine basque, which, while retaining a solid Basque substance, were lighter and less rustic versons of traditional Basque dishes and flavours.
San Sebastian boasts three of Spain’s fifteen Michelin three-star restaurants (Arzak, Akelarre & Martin Berasategui), complemented with other great two-star (Mugaritz) and one-star restaurants to total 16 Michelin stars. This fact makes San Sebastian the city with more Michelin stars per square meter in the world.

“Discover Basque Spain – Food, Wine & Michelin Experience”
Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – Thursday 10 October 2024 – BILBAO ARRIVAL

– Arrive in Bilbao at your leisure. Flights arrive into Bilbao Airport, from many European destinations.
Although we have included meals at some of Basque Spain’s Michelin-inspired restaurants, we have not included any meals at one of San Sebastiàn’s three acclaimed 3-Star Michelin restaurants – ArzakAkelarre; or Martin Berasategui  
If you are wanting to experience a 3-Star Michelin meal at one of these establishments,  we suggest that you extend your stay in San Sebastian by one additional day & night, so that you can make a reservation at either of these extraordinary restaurants. Bookings need to be made well in advance, and we are happy to assist you with reserving your requested restaurant.
Bilbao, with a population of 350,000 , is an industrial port city in northern Spain and surrounded by green mountains. Once a prosperous steel production, shipping, ship building and banking city, by the 1970’s the city had developed into a gray smokestack and a serious economic crisis had arrived.
A new plan was devised and Bilbao started its journey of rebirth becoming one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the region and the de facto capital of Basque Country.
This once heavily industrial and gritty city now shines with culture, thanks to the Museo Guggenheim, which sparked revitalization of the city when it opened in 1997. Designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry, the museum houses prominent modern and contemporary works, but it’s the curvy, titanium-clad building that receives the most attention.
Bilbao’s historic Casco Viejo neighborhood along the city’s Nervión River teems with architectural interest and excellent restaurants and small shops, and gorgeous old churches pepper every district in the city.



The Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao)
Bilbao’s “titanium miracle” known as the Guggenheim Museum is much more than a simple art gallery or a mere exhibition hall. It is the emblem of a modern and versatile Bilbao. The artworks surrounding the building – PUPPY, by Jeff Koons and MAMA, the Spider, by Louise Bourgegois – have become icons of the ‘new’ city.

14:00pm – Check in to our Bilbao accommodation once you have arrived into Bilbao. The cost for a private transfer from Bilbao Airport to Hotel Miró which we can arrange for you is 50€/car. The cost for a normal taxi is about 30-35€.
OUR HOTEL – Hotel Miro (Bilbao)

Nestled between the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hotel Miró offers spectacular views of Frank Gehry’s emblematic building. It is only a few short steps from the city’s shopping area, and within walking distance of the quaint Old Quarter (Casco Viejo).
20:30pm1-Michelin Star Welcome Dinner – At the fashionably early time of 20:30pm (for Spanish dining) we will enjoy our first meal together at one of Basque Spain’s most acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs – Martin Berasategui – 1-Michelin Starred restaurant in Bilbao called “Ola Martín Berasategui”.

Ola Martín Berasategui
The aesthetics of “Ola” are almost as impressive as the cuisine, proudly vaunting its open brickwork and concrete beams to highlight the fact that it was the first building to be constructed using these materials in the city’s historic quarter.

The restaurant exudes personality and is keen to immerse us in a sensory journey via the story of chef Martín Berasategui, enabling us to discover his vision and his particular sense of culinary excellence through the hands of his disciple Raúl Cabrera (known to everyone as Pintxo). The latter faithfully reproduces his mentor’s dishes with great passion, and with a continual emphasis on cuisine that showcases their ingredients and flavours.

Accommodation : Hotel Miro (Bilbao)

(Included meals: D)

Day 2 – Fri 11 October 2024 – BILBAO

am – Breakfast at your leisure.
10:00am to 12noon – Private Guided Walking tour of Bilbao’s Casco Viejo (Old Town) and ancient historic centre with our guide,
Afternoon – Afternoon for you to explore Bilbao at your leisure. Alternatively, if you were interested in dining at one of the world’s best grill restaurants then a visit to Asador Etxebarri is a must.

Asador Etxebarri
Set in a quiet Basque village surrounded by mountains and greenery about 40 minutes from  Bilbao, Asador Etxebarri is a true destination restaurant. Gastronomes travel from all over the world to experience the magic of chef Victor Arguinzoniz, who turns humble ingredients like milk and beef into unforgettable dishes with the help of a little fire.
Voted as the world’s No.4 restaurant in the 2023 “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” Awards, Asador Etxebarri has placed in the upper echelons of  list year after year after year. As a result, tables can be difficult to secure with booking requests received about 4 months prior to your date. We can assist you with making your reservations with tables booked for a minimum of 2pax and a maximum of 6pax.
pm – Private Guided  “Pintxos Crawl”  – This evening we will go on a private Pintxos Tour of the through Bilbao’s Casco Viejo and get some “insider’s” tips from our local guides for the evening. We will eat where the locals eat, drink what the locals drinks and most importantly laugh and enjoy life as the locals do.

Accommodation : Hotel Miro (Bilbao)

(Included meals: B, D)

Day 3 – Sat 12 October 2024 – LA RIOJA WINE REGION EXPERIENCE

am – Breakfast at your leisure.
09:30am – Check out from our Bilbao hotel. Group departure  to Spain’s famous La Rioja Wine Region for our exploration of this famous Basque region and its charming wine villages of Haro, Laguardia & Elciego.

Rioja Alavesa (La Rioja) Wine Region
Romans brought the vine plant with them when they landed in this Southern Basque Country over twenty centuries ago. With a history such as this, the Rioja Alavesa has established one of the most rooted, reliable and forceful wine traditions in all of Europe.
It is a region which not only produces wines under a “designation of origin” recognised as one of the best in the world, but combines it with a gastronomy tradition and charming fortified historic villages scattered across the vinelands. Far from resting on its history, some of La Rioja’s main wineries have embraced change and entrusted the renovation of their facilities to renowned architects.
These include Bodega Ysios designed by Santiago Calatrava; Bodega Baigorri by Iñaki Aspiazu; and Canadian architect, Frank Gehry who designed the titanium “City of Wine” for winery Marques de Riscal to celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2008.
11:00am – Guided visit of the UNESCO World Heritage Valle Salado de Añana (Añana Salt Valley) one of the world’s oldest salt production facilities that has been operating intermittently for 7,000 years.
Valle Salado de Añana
 Valle Salado de Añana is one of the best examples worldwide of the history of salt, known since antiquity as “white gold”. The natural emergence of the salt springs caused the establishment of a settlement in the surrounding area that has developed uninterruptedly for thousands of years and that, based on the production of salt, has learned to adapt to the conditions and specificities of each historical period.
The exceptional quality of Sal de Añana is represented in the fact that many of Spain’s finest Michelin starred chefs including Aneko Atxa (Azurmendi – 3*); Martín Berasategui (Martín Berasategui  – 3*); Andoni L Adruis (Mugaritz – 2*); and Francis Paniego (Marques de Riscal – 1*) and other great international chefs continue to use and promote the quality and consumption of Sal de Añana, with each restaurant having their own salt crystallisation pans on site.
UNESCO World Heritage Classification : “The value of this unique salt-production landscape is not only in  its unusual architecture, comprising a succession of man-made staggered terraces built over time using stone, wood and clay, or the thousands of salt crystallization pans responsible for the dazzling whiteness, or the hundreds of channels to distribute the salt water throughout the valley using a distribution system with over 1200 years of documented history. Not even the fact that the springs provide the salt from a former ancient sea from 200 million years ago, or that the salt environment has led to the presence of a saline biodiversity, making it a wetland of international importance. The key to the unique value of this cultural landscape is, without doubt, the combination, in perfect harmony, of the whole in a privileged context, the Valle Salado de Añana (Añana Salty Valley).”

12:30pm – Departure from Valle Salado de Añana for one of Spain’s most famous wine regions –  La Rioja – which  includes almost 640 square kilometres of vines, and over 600 wineries.
Best known for its wonderful red wine and abundant vineyards, all roads in Rioja lead to its wine capital – the unmissable historic village of Haro, Spain. For our exploration of the history and traditions of the region’s winemaking, we will visit one of the region’s oldest and most traditional wineries.
13:00pmPrivate Group Wine Tasting & Tour of one of Haro’s oldest wineries – CVNE, Compañía Vinícola del Norte del España

Bodega CVNE
The history of CVNE, Compañía Vinícola del Norte del España began in 1879 at its winery in Barrio de la Estación in the town of Haro. Over more than 144 years, the winery has continued to grow around the Aldea del Vino (Wine Village),  a sunny courtyard flanked by unique stone buildings which discover the secrets of the production of great wines. 
Our visit will also allow us a look into its famed “Eiffel Cellar” designed by the famous French architect, Aleixandre Gustave Eiffel. Its design in 1890 was revolutionary as the imposing structure provided an innovative formula to support its construction allowing for a large open space that significantly improved the management of barrels in the cellar, to make racking, maintenance, and monitoring of the wine barrels easier.
We will also have a tasting of CVNE’s Imperial label – the first Spanish wine to be awarded  world’s Nº1 wine of the year by the prestigious magazine Wine Spectator.

15:00pm – Depart Haro for one of Spain’s most beautiful wine village – Laguardia.
Laguardia, Rioja Alavesa


Set atop a hill in the middle of a valley is the picture-perfect town of Laguardia. This walled town is surrounded by vineyards on all sides and offers a glimpse into the region’s wine making past.
A few of the wine cellars located under the villages houses are open for tours and are a definite must see. Founded in the 10th century as a defense town for the kingdom of Navarra, this beautiful walled town is located in a hill overlooking the vineyards, with the Cantabrian Mountains in the background. It is without a doubt one of the most attractive towns of the region.
15:30pm – Arrival in the charming medieval village of Laguardia, our base in La Rioja for the next two days. Check in to our hotel.
OUR HOTEL – Hospederia Los Parajes (Laguardia)

Located in the heart of the walled town of Laguardia, Hospedería de los Parajes is a boutique hotel situated in a spectacularly restored and renovated historic palace. One of the most important features of this sympathetic reconstruction is the glass-roofed central courtyard, where the ancient stones of the original building are combined with the modern structure to create a charming, welcoming space, centred on a delightful fireplace.
Just a few steps from the village’s church of Santa María de los Reyes, Hospedería de los Parajes is situated in the capital of La Rioja-Alavesa, and is ideal for exploring this magnificent wine producing region. Surrounded by rolling hills and carefully tended vineyards, the area is perfect for horse riding, mountain biking, hiking and many other outdoor activities.
Many of La Rioja’s vineyards, aside from their excellent wines, have spectacular modern wineries, including the “Marqués de Riscal”, designed by Frank Gehry, “Ysios”, by Santiago Calatrava and “Baigorri”, a work by Iñaki Aspiazu. 

Evening at your leisure – After a little rest following checking into your rooms, we can enjoy a walk through the medieval narrow streets of the town and call into one of the many pintxos bars to try some local wine accompanied by a ración or a pintxo.

Accommodation– Hospederia Los Parajes (Laguardia)

(Included Meals: B)


Day 4 – Sun 13 October 2024 – LA RIOJA “CITY OF WINE” EXPERIENCE

am – Breakfast and morning at your leisure. Go for a morning walk around the village or for a longer walk, just a short distance away are “The Lagoons of Laguardia” a protected biotope. This is the town’s green heart, a natural gem very close to the walled town centre, with a series of walks of differing distance.
11:00am – Guided visit and tasting at one of the region’s oldest wineries, the 15th century Bodega Casa Primicia.
Bodega Casa Primicia
Situated in one of the oldest buildings of the 11th century village of Laguardia is Bodega Casa Primicia. With its over five hundred years history, stepping in through the doorway of Bodega Casa Primicia presents a building whose wooden roof structure has withstood the test of half a millennium. We will visit the cellars and ancient tunnels of one of the oldest wineries in the village followed by a wine tasting of Casa Primicia’s wines.

13:00pm – Group departure from Laguardia for the short transfer to the medieval village of Elciego and one of La Rioja’s most famous wineries – Marques de Riscal and it’s “City of Wine”.


Marques de Riscal
Marques de Riscal is without doubt Rioja Alavesa’s grandest name and most important house. In 1858 it became the first winery in the Rioja to produce wines following the Bordeaux method.
Don Guillermo Hurtado de Amézaga, the Marqués de Riscal, was asked by local producers to find a French wine expert to train them in the winemaking techniques of the Médoc. Subsequently he hired Jean Pineau, winemaker at Château Lanessan to come to Spain and the rest, as they say, is history.  
The Marqués de Riscal’s City of Wine merges deep rooted wine-growing tradition with twenty-first century avant-garde design. Nestled in the renowned Marques de Riscal’s vineyard in the medieval village of Elciego, the winery’s spectacular curves, titanium roof and asymmetry of walls provide an elegant contrast to the historic wine cellars designed in 1858 by the architect Ricardo Bellsola, and has become one of the “Ten Architectural Wonders of the World”.
13:30pm – Arrival at Marques de Riscal for pre-lunch drinks at the “Vinoteca” before our Group Lunch at one of the “City of Wine’s” newest restaurants – Asador Torrea.

Asador Torrea
At the heart of the Marques de Riscal winery, Asador Torrea completes its gastronomic offer, where quality products and typical gastronomy of the area are the protagonists.
Grilled meats accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables are undoubtedly the basis for enjoying the purest essence of a grill outdoors in an incomparable place.

pm – Return to Laguardia with the evening at your leisure.

Accommodation– Hospederia Los Parajes (Laguardia)

(Included Meals: B, L)

Day 5 – Mon 14 October 2024 – SAN SEBASTIÁN (The Jewel of Basque Spain)

am – Breakfast at your leisure
10:00am – Group departure for one of Europe’s most beautiful seaside towns – San Sebastián

San Sebastiàn
Situated on the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastián (or Donostia as it is called in Basque) is a seaside treasure in the Basque Country and offers up some of Spain’s most beautiful countryside and spectacular beaches.
Made famous during the Belle Époque era, the city was where Queen Maria Cristina established her royal summerhouse. The evidence of San Sebastián’s glamorous past can still be seen throughout the city.  La Concha, the most beautiful urban beach in Europe, is adorned by luxurious beachside mansions as well as the famous spa called La Perla (The Pearl). Its boardwalk is lined by an ornate white railing that has become a symbol of the city. 
In more recent years, San Sebastián has gained significant press for its cuisine. The city alone has 16 Michelin stars spread across 6 restaurants and famously boasts more stars per capita than anywhere else in the world other than Tokyo.  
San Sebastián is also famous for its pintxos. And the best place to go to try some of them is the Parte Vieja (Old Part). This charming old city center is famous for having the highest concentration of bars in the world. This is where the pintxo is king and the food is taken very seriously.
12noon – Check in to your Seaview Room at one of San Sebastian’s newest 4-star hotel – The Lasala Plaza Hotel. The hotel is situated in an exceptional location in front of the bay at one end of the Old Town. It stands in a small and peaceful plaza which lends the hotel its name, and in which rests a bronze lion, formerly the most important public fountain in the town and a symbol of its history.
OUR HOTEL – Hotel Lasala Plaza (San Sebastian)

Lasala Plaza Hotel brings together the glamour and elegance of a town perched on the edge of the sea and an impressive bay. The hotel blends art and local history to create an authentic experience. The building dates to 1917 and has been completely restored, preserving the original architectural style of the façades which invite guests on a journey through time. Lasala Plaza Hotel is the only superior four-star hotel in San Sebastián’s Old Town.

Hotel Lasala Plaza Rooftop
The exclusive rooftop terrace at Lasala Plaza Hotel affords the best panoramic view of San Sebastián—the perfect spot for gazing down on a picture-postcard town. The hotel’s top floor houses its sun terrace, where you can relax outdoors on comfortable sofas and deck chairs.The swimming pool—exclusively for guests—makes this a singular location for taking in the best 360º panoramic view of the fishing port and the town.

13:00pm – Group Lunch at an amazing seafood restaurant on San Sebastiàn’s Old Port. We have arranged for a relaxed alfresco seafood meal at one of San Sebastiàn’s port side restaurants, owned by our very close friends the Azkue family!

pm – Remainder of the afternoon to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful seaside towns.
San Sebastian Discovery Suggestions

Mt Igueldo 250x376 Mt Igueldo Group 250x376

La Perla Vintage



17:00pm – For those of you interested in experiencing Spain’s obsession with “Gin & Tonic”, we will meet in the lobby for the short walk to experience it first hand .
On previous tours to San Sebastián we were surprised to find out that  “Gin Tonic” is actually Spain’s national drink.  This evening we will share with you one of our favourite “Gintonneria” emporiums where you will experience the alcchemy & passion that San Sebastian’s bartenders have for their “Gin Tonic”. Please click here for a little story we put together about “Gin Tonic – Spain’s Obsession & National Drink”.

La Gintoneria Barman

Espanol Gin Tonic 600x450

pm – Following our “Gin Tonic Experience” we’ll join the locals in San Sebastiàn’s Parte Vieja (Old Town) to enjoy an evening drink and pintxos at one of its many bars & restaurants.

San Sebastian

Accommodation : Hotel Lasala Plaza

(Included meals: B, L)

Day 6 – Tue 15 October 2024 – San Sebastián Michelin ShowCooking Experience

am – Breakfast at your leisure. Take advantage of our prime beachside position with an early morning walk or cycle along the beautiful La Concha beach or up to Mount Urguel for its spectacular views of San Sebastian’s stunning seaside location.
Free Day – Today is an opportunity for you to relax poolside or beachside; go for a walk; hire a bike and use San Sebastian’s amazing network of cycle paths; or go shopping in San Sebastian’s “high streets”. Here are a few suggestions:
San Sebastian Discovery Suggestions

SS Plaza Toro 600x400

OPTIONAL – 3-Star Michelin Experience
Lunch today could be an opportunity for those of you that would like to experience one of San Sebastian’s three 3-Star Michelin restaurants. We will be happy to arrange your preferred reservation, but please ensure that you make your request at least 3 months in advance. These include:
Via Michelin – The inspector’s view: “Enjoy superb cuisine in one of the city’s prominent culinary institutions, where a sense of history and the height of contemporary design come together seamlessly. The father and daughter team work in perfect harmony and delight guests with highly creative dishes prepared with the very finest ingredients.”
Set Menu: €270
Via Michelin – The inspector’s view: “A classic dining setting boasting stunning sea views. Akelare’s chef has created an extraordinary culinary concept that is high on creativity without abandoning traditional roots, and at the same time showcases well-defined flavours and unique textures. Every dish on the fixed menus can be ordered à la carte.”
Set Menu: €295
Via Michelin – The inspector’s view: “Embark upon an incredible gastronomic journey at this restaurant that combines culinary mastery, passion, talent and creativity. Discover truly unique, fresh and innovative cuisine in the chef’s attractive, elegantly classical house that is completely open to nature. Dishes are created using sublime techniques, enabling ingredients to come together and bring out the very best flavours.”
Set Menu: €295
20:00pm – Michelin Showcooking Experience – After a full day of exploring San Sebstián, this evening we will have the opportunity to sit back and relax over a few wines as we have arranged for a Michelin ShowCooking Experience where we will watch as our Private Chef prepares some Basque Michelin recipes before us for dinner. We will learn about the ingredients, recipes and techniques used in some of San Sebastiàn’s Michelin-inspired restaurants.

Accommodation : Hotel Lasala Plaza

(Included meals: B, D)

Day 7 – Wed 16 October 2024 – MICHELIN “Green Star” Experience Final Lunch

am – Breakfast and morning at your leisure.
13:00pm – Michelin “Green Star” Experience Lunch – Hidden in the hills above San Sebastián, our final lunch on our “Discover Basque Spain Experience” will be at a great treasure of San Sebastián gastronomy, the wonderful restaurant of Chef Juan Carlos Caro and Eva Hernández, one of the original recipients of the recent Michelin’s Green Star recognition.
Introduced by MICHELIN GUIDES  in 2021, the MICHELIN Green Star is an annual award which highlights restaurants at the forefront of the industry when it comes to their sustainable practices. They hold themselves accountable for both their ethical and environmental standards, and work with sustainable producers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce or even remove plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their supply chain.
These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.

MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
“A superb location on the slopes of Mt Ulía, hence the impressive views from its panoramic terrace. The extensive, traditionally inspired à la carte has a strong focus on organic ingredients sourced from the restaurant’s own vegetable garden.”
“In our fields we let our vegetables ripen fully on the plant before harvesting them. Only when we see that they are ready do we pick and cook them. For us, raw ingredients play a leading role and our mission in the kitchen is not to ruin them.” — Juan Carlos Caro

pm – Evening at your leisure. A final stroll along the La Concha Promenade to farewell San Sebastián and maybe a glass of Vino Tinto or Blanco and one last sample of your favourite Pintxos (Basque Cheesecake maybe?)  in the Old Town just outside our hotel front door!

Accommodation : Hotel Lasala Plaza

(Included meals: B, Michelin Experience Lunch)

Day 8 – Thursday 17 October 2024 – DEPARTURE

am – Check Out from our hotel and final “Hasta luego” (“See you later”) to the group. Gather up your memories from our special week together in this uniquely special part of the world and Spain and safe journeys to your next destinations or home!
For those departing via plane, San Sebastiàn Airport is approximately a 30 minute taxi drive away (~ €60 for a Private Taxi). Alternatively, Bilbao Airport is approximately a 90 minute transfer away with Airport Shuttles or Private Taxis being able to be arranged from San Sebastian.


To secure your places, please contact Nico Moretti at urbanprovider@icloud.com or +61 424 564 106, and we will forward you a 2024 “Discover Basque Spain Booking Form” for you to complete to secure your places.
Booking Deadline: 01 February 2024
Booking Deposit: A $AUD1900 per person non-refundable* Booking Deposit  is required to secure a booking for the tour, at the time of your reservation. *We are able to refund your Booking Deposit should a replacement be found for any cancelled places.
Final Payment: Payment in full is required at least 90 days prior to departure (Payment Due : 10 July 2024)
We look forward to hosting you on this very special “Discover Basque Spain – Food, Wine & Michelin Experience”. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.
Muchas gracias, Nico & Belinda Moretti

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