Upcoming Classes

See you all in 2022! We will be back!

“That’s one small step for Nico & Belinda & Jiro, one giant leap from West Australia.”
– Neil Armstrong (sort of!)

“Curiosity is the essence of our existence.”
– Gene Cernan

“Ground control to Major Tom.”
– David Bowie

As from December 1st, Belinda & I will be packing up the car, and little Jiro (soon to become known as “Muttnik”), to venture to mysterious galaxies for many West Australians…exploring the great unknown of living with CoVid in Australia’s Eastern States as they start to open up.

Our daughter Demi and fiancé Tim are getting married in Victoria in mid-December and we are super excited to be reuniting with them and many of our family for the celebrations!

As we’re not sure when we might be allowed to come back to WA, we are embarking on a journey of discovery as fully vaccinated members of society, which sort of feels liking going into outer space. We thought that having the car and the dog with us, we could then return when it is deemed that Western Australia can be open to us.

We will be back!! Join us on Instagram or Facebook @nicomorettiaus to follow us on our food & travel adventures of the Eastern States!

*Cooking Passions Gift Vouchers – For those of you that have been gifted Cooking Passions Gift Vouchers that are still valid, please email us at urbanprovider@icloud.com with your Voucher Details so that we can arrange to advise you of when classes resume in 2022.

There are currently no classes!