Nico’s Favourites Passion

Learn to prepare some of my favourite dishes, taken from various classes, that I serve up for family and friends.

Clients often ask me what my favourite class dishes are, and what I cook up for the family or for guests when we entertain. So here’s a class of some of my Favourite class recipes, from various cooking passions, that I find myself always going back to because they’re fresh, simple to prepare, and impressive. This class is a little unique in that we’ll be presenting not one but TWO of my favourite desserts…I just couldn’t decide!

Class Menu

Cooking Passions with Nico Moretti.Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Potato Frittata) – a fantastically versatile dish you can serve up for a weekend breakfast/brunch, pack in a lunch, or serve as a mains side-dish.

Oriental Steamed Snapper – steamed snapper fillets with aromatic vegetables and drizzled with soy and sesame oil

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad – a family favourite – succulent grilled chicken breast fillets on crisp baby cos lettuce dressed with a deliciously simple Caesar Salad dressing.

Paad Thai – a quick & easy “one-pot(wok)” dish of ribbons of rice noodles infused with Thai flavours

Raspberry, Dark Chocolate & Nougat Semi-Freddo – a refreshingly decadent berry semi-freddo with nougat, chocolate and raspberries, served with a raspberry coulis.

Caramel Banana Tarte Tatin – an ultimately easy & decadent dessert of banana & caramel, with a unique special ingredient that will get your guests talking.


Hi Nico and Belinda, Many thanks for a really enjoyable evening. I had been hoping to use my voucher for a Thermomix class but it just never fit in with my availability. I was thrilled that on most occasions, Nico, you either used the Thermi or referred to how we could use it in various elements of the recipes. An absolute win-win for me. Furthermore, the food was amazing, loved the relaxed atmosphere and was totally inspired by your house and the living areas / kitchen you have created. I really felt so welcome. Thanks again for a fabulous evening. I really hope to be back. Kind regards, Natalie

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your recipes at your “Nico’s Favourites Passion” cooking class last Wednesday. I made the Paad Thai at the weekend and it went down a treat. Tonight I made the Asian style snapper. It was fantastic and resulted in three empty plates. Looking forward to doing more cooking classes in the future. Regards,Vicki

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