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Nico’s New Cookbook – “Wanderlust
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About “Wanderlust

“Growing up surrounded by the aromas of heavenly dishes, from those wafting from my mother’s kitchen to those in my father’s Italian restaurant, I see food as a passion, a religion, a discovery, a journey and a fostering of love and good times with family and friends. But I have another passion that runs equally deep in my veins – travel.”
Wanderlust is Nico Moretti’s third cookbook. It’s a celebration of his favourite recipes, culinary secrets garnered and shared from cultures around the world. These recipes have been taught to students at Nico’s Cooking Passions Cooking School over the last 6 years and were all met with lip-smacking approval.
With recipes designed for both Thermomix users and Conventional users, this new cookbook is also a celebration of Nico’s 20 years of Thermomixing with the Thermomix methods included with the Conventional methods, so everyone can prepare them.
If you’ve been longing to hop on a plane to explore new countries and taste new foods, Wanderlust is the perfect chance to dust off your culinary passport. We hope this book will transport you off to far-away lands as it fills your home with the aromas of the world.
Here’s a sneak peak at the recipes that we will be travelling and discovering together across the 175 pages of beautifully photographed pages (by Tarsh Rawlins) in Wanderlust.

Buon appetito e buon viaggio! Be quick to order your copy now!