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About “Delicious Journeys”

In “Delicious Journeys”, Nico Moretti, founder of Cooking Passions Cooking School, takes you on a world tour of some of his favourite make-at-home dishes from around the globe.
“Delicious Journeys” will take you on a mouthwatering journey around the world, from the comfort of your own kitchen, to tempt and delight your tastebuds. A collection of step-by-step recipes (including Thermomix Methods for both the TM5 & TM31) to serve at home with family and friends and inspire you to embark on your own delicious journey. Buon viaggio!!!
From Italy to Indonesia, or Sri Lanka to South America, Nico believes that to explore cultures through their food is to break down any boundaries in language and embrace the universality of the love of good food and shared tastes.
“Delicious Journeys”, is a cookbook filled with a collection of over 80 simple, delicious, step-by-step recipes (and once again including over 60 recipes with Thermomix Methods). which capture the flavours of the world and will inspire you to take your own delicious journey at home, to share with family & friends.
For Thermomix users – “Delicious Journeys”, as well as being a Conventional cookbook, is one of the first cookbooks in the world to include the Thermomix Methods on the same page as the Conventional Method, allowing you the opportunity to see how those recipes have been converted over.
“Delicious Journeys” – Included Recipes Gallery

(TM – indicates the recipe includes Thermomix Methods, for both TM5 & TM31 users)

Section 1 – Nico’s Thermomix Tips

As one of the first in Australia to purchase a Thermomix, I fell in love with it from the first time I set eyes on it at my first cooking experience in 2001. As a “veteran” Thermomix user,  I always like sharing with clients that attend my Thermomix Passions classes some of my own tips for the Thermomix. This “Nico’s Thermomix Tips” section includes tips that will enhance your own Thermomix cooking experience at home and assist with the preparation of the recipes in “Delicious Journeys”.

Section 2 – Light Bites
Section 3 – Hearty Meals
Section 4 – Sweet Treats
Section 5 – Cocktails

What people are saying:

Hi Nico, Just wanted to say that I have tried a couple of the recipes from the 2 cookbooks since receiving them a few weeks ago – Saffron Risotto. Teriyaki Tuna Kebabs, Lemongrass Chili Chicken, Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad, Mediterranean Spice Rub Pork, Vietnamese Beef just to name a few – and have not had one bad result or response from the family! Regardless of whether the recipes are difficult or time consuming they are very easy to follow, and end up looking like the pictures in the cookbooks! I am really happy with them, and not just for the Thermomix options either. I have a number of cookbooks from your contemporaries and believe me, the number of disasters from these outweigh the success stories by a rather large margin. With the Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad I ended up baking some pumpkin and sweet potato with it and turned it into a warm salad and had it with the Mediterranean Pork and it was great! I was really sorry to have missed out on your session here in Canberra (at Jerrabomberra) last month but by the time I had checked with a friend to see if she wanted to go it was all booked out! Hopefully you will make the trip out east again soon! Warmest regards…Anne

Hi Nico, Had to rebuy the first book as one of said Thermomix friends stole my cookbook and ran away to Canberra with it (it was signed and everything ha ha) Cheeky!! Looking to come along to more classes this year also. Keep up the good work! Kind regards…Claire

Hi Belinda, I just wanted to let you know that my books arrived today. I was a little hesitant about buying a book online that I hadn’t seen before but WOW!! I’m already in love and the recipes included are exactly the type of thing I was hoping for. Maybe I won’t give them away as gifts after all! Thanks heaps…Jacinta

Hi Nico, I am a new consultant for Thermomix and everyone raves about your cookbooks and you. I fell in love with your pannacotta in your Food for Friends Cookbook, as I have been in Italy for a few weeks and found my perfect favorite and simple dessert, however I have never been able to perfect it. A lovely lady allowed me to borrow your cookbooks for a week and I am now ordering my own. Looking at booking into one of your cooking classes as I do love to learn more about cooking and flavours…Kayleen

Nico, Love these books which I have just received. Am ordering 2 more sets for my daughters. Thanks for the great recipes…Eunice

Hi Nico, This is the best book ever! Everything I had tried has worked out and tastes amazing. My two daughters are also putting it to the test and we share what we think about the recipes. Thanks so much for putting this together. Many thanks…Sandy 

Hi Nico, I just wanted to congratulate you on your Delicious Journeys cookbook. I have only just discovered the Thermomix and whilst I love the machine, I found a lot of their recipes to be fairly balnd and uninspiring. Your style of cooking however is just what our family enjoys. The Gnocchi was sublime and the Pumpkin Ravioli superb, and had it not been for your Saffron Risotto I would have given up Risotto in the Thermomix altogether. I can’t wait to explore and savour the remaining wonderful selection of dishes in this book and will be lining up to buy your other releases. Thanks again…Alison 

Hi, We are loving your “Delicious Journeys”. It is a beautifully photographed book, bravo to you guys!…Cheers, Antonia 

Hi Nico & Belinda, Thank you for the book, it is awesome! We love everything I have made from it so far. It is so good I would like to buy two more copies as presents. Thank you…Kristy

Hi Nico, I purchased your cookbook of “Delicious Journeys” from Kailis Brothers on Friday and I am so pleased I did. A great selection of recipes, good instructions and as a newish Thermomix owner so inspiring. I can’t wait to try so many recipes. Thank you so much for putting together such a great book. Based on how good I found this book, I look forward to receiving your reprint of “Food For Friends”.Thanks…Sue 

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MORE of what people are saying:

Hi Nico, Since we received your books we have done a couple of recipes. Just yesterday we had Mee Goreng again… oh so yum yum. Bourbon Ribs are a winner with our family and friends. I love my Mojito 🙂 Wish I could attend your cooking classes. All the best from freezing cold CanberraIlona

Hi Nico, Love your cookbooks – just received the Delicious Journeys – favourite recipes are the pumpkin, feta and zucchini tart and the scallops with chilli jam! Regards…Carol

Hi Nico, Looking forward to your new book. I have used a few of your recipes using Thermomix, such as the white chocolate pannacota which is such a beautiful and classy dessert. Regards…Joanna

Hi Nico, I am thoroughly enjoying cooking and most definitely eating all the delicious dishes from your book, both savoury and sweet! Many thanks! Have a great day!…Sue

Many Thanks Nico & Belinda for hosting a great evening of “Gourmet Vegetarian Passion”, absolutely delicious …… even the “Passionfruit Creme Brulee” – as I don’t usually partake in desserts!! Wow, already enjoying the cooking passions – Delicious Journeys Cookbook as much as the previous one cooking passions – Food For Friends …… both are really fabulous…Sue

Hello Nico, Thanks again, we are loving your new book. It has gone mad amongst our customers and we are very happy to promote it out to our customers…Anne

Hi Nico, I am sure everyone will love the recipes as much as I have enjoyed making and eating them!…Sue

Nico, I missed your demonstration while I was on holidays (poorly timed in hindsight) and thanks to my generous friend who loaned me her copy – I spoiled my friends with your Argentinian Lamb with Chimichurri last night, to great accolade. I have been a Thermomix user for 6 years, and the combination of Thermomix instructions and divine recipes – fantastic! Thank you…Michelle

Hi Nico, After your demonstration at the Thermomix “Big Morning Tea, I was inspired to try some of your techniques for cooking rice from your Thermomix Tips in Delicious Journeys. It was the best rice I’ve made so far. Thanks, so much for the tips. Many thanks, Jackie

Hi Nico, I would love to be put on your list of people to contact when your Delicious Journeys becomes available! I have been loving cooking out of “Food for Friends” since coming to the Gourmet BBQ class earlier this month. We had such a great night and have been telling everyone that they need to go along to one of your classes!…Kate