Sri Lankan Curry Passion

These are some of my favourite Sri Lankan dishes taught to me by grandmothers, mothers, cooks and chefs during our explorations of Sri Lanka in 2018, while researching our "Discover Sri Lanka" Cuisine & Culture experience. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would ask whether it might be possible to go back into the kitchen at our homestay or hotel to see how Sri Lanka's most popular dish(es), known as "Rice & Curry" was created, and they always accommodated by request.

"Rice & Curry" is Sri Lanka's national meal and what most locals would eat every day. A veritable "smorgasbord" on a plate, it consists of steamed rice accompanied by an assortment of sometimes 15 different dishes including meat curries, vegetable curries, and a variety of sambols & pickles.

What amazed me was the ease with which the dishes were put together in a short amount of time (most of the time it was prepared once you had ordered your meal) and how a minimal amount of similar ingredients & spices were combined to give so many different tastes & textures.

In this class, I will not only show you how to prepare a selection of my favourite “Rice & Curry” accompaniments, but I will also share with you a couple of other of my favourite Sri Lanka dishes – Stuffed Vegetable Roti and Chicken Kotthu.

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