Thermomix Sri Lanka Curry Passion

I'm always looking for opportunities to convert recipes from traditional methods to the Thermomix, so I am super excited about the opportunity to share my Thermomix conversions of recipes I've learnt in our explorations of Sri Lanka.

These are some of my favourite Sri Lankan dishes taught to me by grandmothers, mothers, cooks and chefs during our travels through Sri Lanka, and which I have converted to the Thermomix, making them even easier to prepare.

Let us show you how easy and quickly Sri Lankan curries can be prepared in your Thermomix at this class which is bursting with the flavours from the Spice Island! Unlike Indian curries, Sri Lankan curries come together with a minimal amount of ingredients & spices and with the help of your Thermomix, many can be prepared in less than 60 minutes!

Our “Thermomix Sri Lankan Curry Passion” class will suit all TM users whether you have a TM31, TM5 or TM6, so come along and be introduced to some great new curry recipes that cater perfectly for all diets, including vegetarian & vegan.

“I attended Nico Moretti’s “Thermomix Sri Lanka Cooking Experience” on September 13th and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Nico is lovely, so entertaining without being over the top. I learnt so much and yesterday made the Sri Lankan Chicken Curry, Red Lentil Tarka Dahl and Mint & Spiced Yoghurt. I also started the Roti and tonight have cooked the potato filling for the Roti. Hopefully I’ll get those done and in the freezer for another time. I also made the Sri Lankan Curry Powder (doubled it) and gave half to my son who was returning to his job in Vietnam. My dishes where quite a bit hotter than Nico’s, although my green chillies were huge and where the recipe stated 1-2, of course went for two. Fab night!”…Sue


In this 2-hour class, you will be shown how to prepare a selection of my favourite Sri Lankan curries, as well as another favourite Sri Lanka dish – Stuffed Vegetable Roti.

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