NEW – “Wanderlust – The Cookbook” Passion

If you have been longing to hop on a plane to explore new countries and taste new foods then our "Wanderlust - The Cookbook" cooking class is a destination stop for you.

Join Nico at this special class where he will share his travel stories from the cookbook which will transport you to some of his favourite far-away lands including Italy, Sri Lanka, Mexico and the Middle East! Nico will also share his tips, tricks & techniques for the recipes so that you can confidently go on your own "Wanderlust" cooking journey at home with the recipes!

This class is suited to both Thermomix and non-Thermomix users, as Conventional recipes will be included for those clients that aren’t Thermomix users.

2021 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – Food Culture

–  Finalist* – “The Best in the World 2021” | C02 Category – International Cuisine

– National Winner (Australia) | C02 Category – International Cuisine

Copies of “Wanderlust – The Cookbook” will be available for purchase at class or
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Wanderlust Passion
Itinerary/ Class Menu


Let’s start in Italy with a little aperitivo!

  • Aperol Spritz Aperitivo – When visiting Italy, I love gathering with the locals to celebrate aperitivo time at the end of the day. With a cocktail or wine in hand, you will always be offered a small plate of salumi or cheese, for you simply cannot be seen drinking without eating something. Such a beautiful tradition and a lovely way to give thanks for the day. Saluté!


  • Jerusalem Bagels These baked bagels are different to the chewy boiled bagels more common in Montreal or New York, and way easier to prepare. With a light and airy texture, they are perfect for tearing apart and scooping up wonderful Middle Eastern-style dips like Hummus, Muhamarra and Babaganoush.
  • Whipped Middle Eastern Hummus This recipe takes humble hummus up a notch by whipping it silky smooth! Cooking your own chickpeas is super easy with a little pre-planning, but if you’re short on time, canned chickpeas also work well.
  • Muhammara (Syrian Roast Capsicum Walnut Dip) This flavoursome dip originates from
    Syria. You can enjoy it on its own, but it’s even better when teamed with Whipped Hummus. Simply spread a layer of hummus onto a serving plate, then add a layer of Muhammara on top. It’s a match made in heaven!


  • Sri Lankan Curry PowderThis is Sri Lankan alchemy in a jar! Before discovering this wonder, I would purchase a Sri Lankan Curry Paste to make my curries – but having this stunningly-scented curry powder on hand is a gamechanger. It’s used across different recipes and is a delicious easy way of adding serious flavour to Sri Lankan dishes.
  • Sri Lankan Chicken CurryI learnt this recipe from the mother of our driver, Rasika, while we were exploring Sri Lanka. Rasika noted how interested we were in exploring the local cuisine, and invited us to visit his mother, who generously taught us how to cook her delectable chicken curry. And here it is! It is, without question, one of my all-time favourite curries and loved by so many of our clients. Side note: this curry has a lot of sauce, which makes it perfect for Chicken Kottu Roti or for being mopped up with roti paratha and rice.
  • Sri Lankan Stuffed Vegetable Roti – You’ll find these incredibly moreish and delicious bites peddled from just about everywhere in Sri Lanka – push-carts, local bakeries, even on packed trains. Yes, really! Despite a train carriage bursting at the seams, a samosa or stuffed roti vendor would still manage to squeeze his way along the carriage at each stop selling these incredibly delicious eats. One of my hands- down favourites!


  • Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse with Pepita & Chilli Praline – We couldn’t visit Mexico without including one of the Mayan’s biggest gifts to the world – chocolate! If you’ve never experienced the alchemy of aquafaba to create a delectable plant-based meringue, then buckle up – you’re in for a treat.

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