SRI LANKA FUNDRAISER – “Rice & Curry” Passion

Belinda & I are extremely heartbroken at the events that occurred in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday as we had only just returned back to Perth, safe & excited about the success of sharing such a magical country & its beautiful people with our inaugural 2019 “Discover Sri Lanka” group of travellers, only a few weeks ago.
Our heartfelt thoughts are now with all of those families in Negombo, Colombo & Batticaloa who have lost loved ones, and to a country that had begun to recover so resiliently from their civil war only a decade ago and the devastation of the tsunami of 2004.
As a show of support, we have scheduled a Sri Lanka Fundraising cooking class, with all profits of the classes being donated to the St Sebastian’s Church Parish in Negombo, one of the main churches that was bombed on Easter Sunday, and one in which we would pass by each day while we were in Negombo, the starting point of our tour. It was also the church where one of our Sri Lankan friends, Rasika, lost members of his extended family.
Sri Lanka Fundraising Cooking Class
When:        Tue 21 May 2019 and Thu 30 May 2019
Time:          7pm to 9:30pm
Class:       NEW – Sri Lanka “Rice & Curry” Passion
Where:       Cooking Passions Cooking School – 267 Vincent Street, Leederville WA
Price:        $135 per person*

(*All profits from the classes will be donated to St Sebastian’s Church Parish for its rebuilding and to Rasika Pathisanage’s family)

We trust that you might be able to assist with this fundraising event by joining us at one of the scheduled sessions. Please find details below regarding the class and its menu.
Thank you for your continued support!
Nico & Belinda


Sri Lankan “Rice & Curry” Passion
Class Details
These are some of my favourite Sri Lankan dishes taught to me by grandmothers, mothers, cooks and chefs during our explorations of Sri Lanka in 2018, while researching our “Discover Sri Lanka” Cuisine & Culture Experience. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would ask whether it might be possible to go back into the kitchen at our homestay or hotel to see how Sri Lanka’s most popular dish, known as “Rice & Curry” was created, and they always accommodated by request.
“Rice & Curry” is Sri Lanka’s national meal and what most locals would eat every day. A veritable “smorgasbord” on a plate, it consists of steamed rice accompanied by an assortment of sometimes 15 different dishes including meat curries, vegetable curries, and a variety of sambols & pickles.
What amazed me was the ease with which the dishes were put together in a short amount of time (most of the time it was prepared once you had ordered your meal) and how a minimal amount of similar ingredients & spices were combined to give so many different tastes & textures.
In this class, I will not only show you how to prepare a selection of my favourite “Rice & Curry” accompaniments, but I will also share with you a couple of other of my favourite Sri Lanka dishes – Stuffed Vegetable Roti and Chicken Kotthu.

Class Menu

Sri Lankan Short Eats

Sri Lankan “Rice & Curry”


(Photo above) Our friend, Rasika Pathisanage’s mother & father in their home kitchen outside Kandy.

(Photo above) Chef & assistant at Nagula Restaurant in Sigirya

(Photo above) Kitchen staff at Zion View Guesthouse in Ella 

(Photo above) Our “Rice & Curry” meal at Nagula Restaurant in Sigirya


St Sebastian’s Church, Negombo, Sri Lanka

Negombo was introduced to Catholicism by the Portuguese in the 1500’s and with nearly 60% of its population being Roman Catholic, it has also been referred to as “Little Rome”. It has been a multi-religious city for many years, and it was wonderful to see not only the many Catholic churches in Negombo, but the many Buddhist & Hindu temples and Muslim mosques all co-existing happily together along with its population of Sinhalese, Tamil & Muslim residents.
St Sebastian’s was built in 1936 and it’s Gothic Revival design was inspired by the Reims Cathedral in France. We hope that our fundraising efforts might assist the families affected by the tragedy as well as restoring their place of worship to its original beauty.

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Wednesday 12th June 2019 7pm $135 pp 10 Places
Tuesday 18th June 2019 7pm $135 pp 1 Places
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