Party Passion

Learn some great new finger-food recipe ideas for your next party or celebration.

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parmesian crisps_560x840Frozen Mango Daquiris

Parmesan Wafers – a very simple “one-ingredient” recipe, great for apertivi

Vietnamese San Choy Bau Tartlettes – mildly spiced mince chicken, carrot, cucumber & fresh mint served in a crispy wonton case

Mini-Arancini Balls – small saffron risotto balls filled with melting mozzarella

Almond Crusted “Buffalo” Chicken Wings – spicy chicken wings crusted with almonds and served with a Blue Cheese dipping sauce.

Sweet Potato Frittata – a baked frittata with a Sweet Potato base that looks amazing when served up.

Grilled Lamb & Minted Yoghurt Rolls– slices of succulent chargrilled rosemary & garlic grilled lamb served with a Wasabi Cream and wrapped in lavash bread



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