French Bistro Passion

Learn some amazing French Bistro recipes in one of our more technical classes, but the ultimate "dinner-party" menu to impress.

This exciting class will introduce you to some of France’s most classic bistro dishes, designed especially for relaxed “heat and serve” dinner party entertaining.

As well as other bistro classics, our “French Bistro Passion” class will demystify one of France’s most accessible and easy charcuterie techniques of “confit” (which literally means to “preserve”). Developed centuries ago by French farmers as a means to preserve duck, and other meats, this extraordinarily versatile technique for the home cook results in duck which is succulent and meltingly tender!

Class Menu

souffle_560x840Salmon Rillettes – delicious French starter of shredded “confit” salmon. Served with baguette crisps and cornichons.

Salade de Confit de Canard (Twice Cooked Duck) – sublimely salted and spiced tender duck legs…served with Salade Frisee avec Noisettes – classic bistro salad of endive and Balsamic vinaigrette with roasted hazelnuts

Roti de Boeuf Cafe de Paris – Roasted eye fillet served with “Cafe de Paris” butter, a herb/spiced butter made famous by the Restaurant Cafe de Paris in Geneva and now a bistro classic worldwide.

Pommes Sarladaise – crispy sauteed potatoes originating from Sarlat in the Dordogne region of France.

“Dinner Party” Raspberry & Nougat Souflees – a fuss-free “prepare ahead” fluffy & tangy souflee perfect to have prepared for dinner parties.


What people are saying:

Hi Nico, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the two cooking classes I have attended – the French Bistro and Asian Grill. The setting is so relaxed and enjoyable, we sometimes forget there are others in the group.  Hopefully we haven’t been too disruptive. Your classes have made me try recipes I have never tried before, using ingredients I have never used As you know we did a progressive dinner using your French Bistro menu and we intend to do the same with the Asian Grill. I made the Massaman spice rub using some of my neighbours chillies and lemongrass and shared the rub with them.  My family loved it with the lamb cutlets.  I have some of the rub left over which I plan on trying with chicken thighs tonight.  I have also made your Pasta con Broccoli, twice.  I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about pasta and broccoli together but it was delicious. I look forward to our next class and trying more of your recipes. Thanks once again…Leslie

Many thanks Nico, It was a great class and a nice way to spend an evening with two of my lovely friends enjoying your inspiration and delicious food. Vicky

Hi Nico, Meggan and I had a great time last night – I’m now not scared of confit duck! Thanks again, Karl

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